Ways to Divide Open Living Space

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Creative Ways to Divide Your Living Space


Step into a world where we make dividing your living space easy and fun! At Patishon, we’re all about helping you get
creative with dividing your space, making it both functional and fabulous! With our residential glass partitions,
you can divide your living space efficiently and make it more organized while still keeping that open and relaxed

Before diving into the possibilities and understanding why Patishon’s self-install glazed glass wall partitions are
the perfect fit for your home, let’s talk about why splitting up your living space is a great idea.

First off, it gives you more privacy and coziness, especially in big areas. It’s easier to focus on something when
you’re not surrounded by everything else in the room. Next, dividing your space with our residential glass partition
helps with sound- it won’t bounce around as much. This makes it easier to hear and have conversations. Also, it lets
you control how much sunlight comes in, making your space feel warmer and cozier.

Lastly, getting a glass wall partition and dividing your living space lets you create different zones for different
things. Imagine having a special spot to work, a comfy reading corner, or a play area for the kids. It makes your
space useful and adds a personal touch to your home.

Now, let’s take a good look at the various types of room dividers:


Traditional Room Dividers

Traditional room dividers- are the magical pieces that bring both usefulness and good looks to your space. One type
is screens, and they come in different sizes and styles. The cool thing is, that you can easily move them around, so
they’re like a quick fix when you want to split up a room temporarily. If you’re feeling fancy and want to add a
special touch, go for the Japanese shoji screens, they are extra elegant and super versatile.

Next up are curtains, they are a budget-friendly choice and work well, especially in bedrooms and home offices. The
best part? There are tons of colors and patterns to pick from! So, not only do curtains help divide living space,
but they also make things look cool and stylish at the same time. They’re like the poster child of budget-friendly
room dividers!


Creative Glass Room Dividers

Now, let’s kick it up a notch with Patishon’s creative glass room dividers! They’re like unique art pieces for your
home. These glass room dividers not only help separate different parts of your space but also let you be the
designer. You can choose patterns that gel well with light or even make your custom design. It’s like turning your
living area into your art gallery! Picking these creative glass room dividers isn’t just about making things
practical, it’s a fun way to show off your style and make your home truly yours!


Using Plants to Divide Living Space

Using plants as space dividers is an everGREEN idea, quite literally!

It’s like inviting a bit of nature into your home. Plants are awesome dividers, and when you team them up with
Patishon partitions, it’s like a dream come true. Picture this: you get to enjoy the beauty of green plants while
also making cozy spots in your home. Sounds amazing, right?
It’s a simple yet refreshing way to make your living space feel alive. The green colors and natural vibes not only
look awesome but also make your home feel warm and welcoming. So, bringing in some plants is surely an easy and nice
way to create a comfy and natural corner in your living space!


Why Choose Patishon?

With Patishon’s creative glass room dividers, you’re the designer. Pick patterns that play well with light or even
customize your own design. It’s like turning your living space into your personal gallery!

Here’s why it’s the ideal choice:


  1. Affordability

    Patishon is super affordable and efficient. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket, offering a budget-friendly
    alternative to regular glass wall partitions. You get a stylish home without the hefty price tag, making it
    a win-win.

  2. Versatility

    Patishon is like a chameleon for your home- it fits into any room seamlessly. Whether you want a cozy reading
    spot, a quiet workspace, or a fun play area for the kids, Patishon adapts to your needs. It’s versatile and
    makes your home more useful.

  3. Easy Installation

    Installing Patishon is a breeze. You won’t be dealing with complicated setups; clear instructions make it
    simple. This not only saves you money but also valuable time, providing a quick and efficient way to give
    your living space a fresh look.

  4. Natural Light Magic

    Patishon lets natural light shine through, brightening up your space while keeping different areas separate.

  5. Customize Your Space

    Show off your style. Patishon lets you make things your own. With lots of designs and finishes, your home
    becomes a reflection of you. Let your home tell your story!


With Patishon, transforming your living space becomes easy, affordable, and uniquely tailored to you.


Why wait? Make your space all about you with Patishon! Get in touch with us today!