Aluminium Frame Glass Doors, The 9 Best Providers In The UK.

Design Advice

In the UK market, there are many companies offering aluminium frame glass doors – but there are a select few that truly stand out for their quality, customization capabilities, and professional service.

1. IQ Glass

Headquartered in Amersham, IQ Glass is one of the nation’s leading glazing specialists with an impressive range of aluminium framed door offerings. They utilize cutting-edge manufacturing technology and expert installers to deliver precision-crafted, bespoke glass solutions.

2. Maxlight

Based in West Sussex, Maxlight has built a reputation for their minimalist, high-end aluminium framed doors and windows. Their in-house design team excels at creating completely customized, architecturally stunning glazed doors and partitions.

3. Express Bi-Folding Doors

As their name suggests, Express specializes in aluminium bi-folding and multi-paneled door systems suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They offer rapid turnaround times and a wide selection of finishes, configurations, and sizes.

4. Apropos

For over 30 years, this family-run Gloucestershire firm has been handcrafting exceptional aluminium frame doors and other glazed products. Apropos is particularly known for the outstanding durability and acoustics of their doors.

5. ODPockets

This direct trade supplier based in West Yorkshire specializes in aluminium framed pocket doors that seamlessly slide into the wall cavity when opened. Their innovative systems are a beautiful solution for compact spaces.

6. Sunflex

Sunflex is one of the UK’s premier providers of aluminium framed glass doors, especially for grand-scale, oversized, and complex designs. Their experienced in-house team delivers full-service solutions nationwide.

7. Everglade Windows

While originally focused on exterior systems, Everglade has grown their capabilities to include ultra-modern and thermally-efficient aluminium interior framed glass doors. Their diverse product range is ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

8. Slimming Glazing Solutions

For the ultimate minimalist glazing with virtually frameless aluminium doors, look no further than Slimming Glazing Solutions. Their innovative glass bonding techniques and custom extrusions create an incredibly seamless look.

9. Fabco Sanctuary

This West Midlands company is best known for their acoustically-rated aluminium frame glass doors, superior sound insulation, and products suitable for spaces like music studios.

Whether you’re an architect, contractor, or homeowner seeking quality aluminium frame glass doors in the UK, these 9 providers should be at the top of your list.